Facial Sculpting Buccal Massage

Facial Sculpting Buccal Massage

Also known as the ‘natural facelift’, the revolutionary buccal massage employs a facial-sculpting technique that works the facial muscles from both outside and inside the mouth. Favoured by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Meghan Markle, this intraoral massage allows for deep and intensive rejuvenation of the muscles in the face, neck and décolletage. 

Stress can result in prominent frown lines and prolonged jaw tension which can have an ageing effect on our appearance, as well as adverse health effects. The buccal massage is the perfect remedy for this, as it’s elaborate massage technique works on relieving and reviving the muscles on a deeper level and eases tension in the face. The result is healthier skin and a smoothened, youthful appearance. 

The treatment starts with a thorough massage of the entire face using natural oils, promoting circulation and reducing puffiness. This includes kneading the masseter or chewing muscle, and jawline, which is a common culprit for headaches and neck pain. Working along the jawline eases tension and stimulates the lymphatic system. Next, while wearing sterile gloves, the aesthetician will then massage the muscles from inside the mouth. This ensures that even the hard to reach muscles of the face have been thoroughly treated. 

Not only for making you feel good, this massage is also known as the natural facelift, due to the lifting effect it has on the skin – so it ensures that you look your best too. You get the benefits of a facelift without any invasive or surgical treatment. 

It is a recommended treatment for many people, including those who wish to ease the tension in their facial muscles, relieve strain of the jaw and around the mouth, tighten a sagging jawline, reduce puffiness or for anyone in need of some tlc. 

As with all treatments carried out at Nefertiti, we take great care to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. Intraoral massage might feel unusual at the start, but we can promise you that it is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment, and like many of our customers, you too may finish the treatment wishing that it would never end! 


  • Lifting effect on face, neck and décolletage 
  • Smoothens face
  • Relieves tension 
  • Reduces puffiness 
  • Tightens jawline
  • Improves circulation 
  • Retains lip volume
  • Reduces laugh lines
  • Improves skin elasticity 
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