V-Extreme Peel


Significant renewal for young & mature skin. For professional use only.

Regulates sebum production.

As effective as 34% blend approximate pH 3.3 – 3.9

Significant renewal for young & mature skin. For professional use only.

Key ingredients:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  • Beta Hydroxy Acids
  • Retinol
  • Pomegranate extract


  • ♦Stimulates the skin’s natural renewal process
  • ♦Regulates skin cell production
  • ♦Boosts collagen synthesis
  • ♦Diminishes expression lines & wrinkles
  • ♦Slows down the skin ageing process
  • ♦Lightens and evens skin tone
  • ♦Cleans & refresh skin texture
  • ♦Relieves skin inflammation and redness
  • ♦Regulates sebum production
  • ♦Removes dead skin cells
  • ♦Prevents oily sheen and breakouts
  • ♦Speeds up the healing process of blemishes
  • ♦Soothes problematic areas common to problem prone skin


Apply a generous amount on the face and neck using a brush or your hands. Evenly over desired areas, gently spread around eyes. Leave on 20 minutes, depending on skin sensitivity. Rinse thoroughly with a damp washcloth until the tingling sensation passes or do not wash it off if you decide to follow with A-NOX SOLUTION.

Note:  The peel will be cause of temporary redness, stinging and heating sensation. It is recommended to prepare the client for this before applying the product. Evenly redness over all face is normal reaction, it’s coming up in 2-4 min.

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